Finding the right roof window isn't easy due to the many different names or codes with numbers and letters.
Our simple guide allows you to compare prices, specs and accessories for the standard sized roof windows and allows you to select the best one for you.

For a downloadable PDF version of our roof window size guide please click here

On the website you will find Dakea, RoofLITE and Roto Roof Windows.
If you need a Velux, Keylite or Fakro roof window please contact us for prices.

Height Width Velux



Roto KeyLite Fakro Go to this size
78cm 55cm CK02 C2A 5/7 01 01 More Info
66cm 03A 22
78cm 04A 23
94cm 07A 24
114cm 08A 25
134cm 09A 26
98cm 55cm CK04 C4A 5/9 02 02 More Info
66cm FK04 F4A 03B 03 More Info
78cm MK04 M4A 7/9 04 05 More Info
94cm PK04 07B 15
114cm 11/9 08B More Info
134cm UK04 U4A 13/9 09 12 More Info
118cm 55cm CK06 C6A 5/11 01C 16 More Info
66cm FK06 F6A 6/11 03 04 More Info
78cm MK06 M6A 7/11 05 06 More Info
94cm PK06 P6A 07C 08 More Info
114cm SK06 S6A 11/11 08 10 More Info
134m 09C
140cm 55cm 01F
66cm FK08 03F
78cm MK08 M8A 7/14 06 More Info
94cm PK08 P8A 9/14 07F 07 More Info
114cm SK08 S8A 11/14 08F 09 More Info
134m UK08 U4A 13/14 10 11 More Info
160cm 55cm 01G
66cm 03G
78cm ML10 M10A 7/16 04G 13 More Info
94cm PK10 9/16 07G More Info
114cm SK10 08G
134cm UK10 09G