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Roof Window Accessories

Accessories for Roof Window

Flashings - Flashing kits to suit Dakea, RoofLITE and ROTO roof windows. From flush slates and tiles to universal flashings for any roof covering upto 120mm tall as well as universal combi flashings to suit multiple window installations.

Blinds - Blinds to suit Velux, Dakea & RoofLITE roof windows. Options for blackout blinds, roller blinds, venetian blindsanti heat net blinds and roller shutter.

Electronics - Electrical accessories for Dakea electric open roof windows as well as options for the Roto i8 and Q-Tronic roof windows.

Spares - Felt and insulation collars for Dakea roof windows and opening rods.

For Roto roof window accessories such as blinds please see the product brochure on the product page and contact us as all items come direct from the factory in Germany.


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